The Guillotine (Part One: Origins)

Une Exécution capitale, place de la Révolution, painting by Pierre-Antoine Demachy

“All great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice”

Assorted Guillo-memes
Print in ‘London Magazine’ 1747,
Hollinshed’s ‘Chronicles of Ireland’ (1577) depicting the beheading of Murcod Ballagh by Sir David Caunton, in 1307.
Lucas Cranach’s ‘Martydom of the Apostles’ (1539), depicting the death of St. Matthew (1st century AD)
The Execution of Damiens, (



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Mikhail Bearkunin

Mikhail Bearkunin

I like history and thinking about freedom. I have a background in International Relations, Strategic Studies and I work for the Military Industrial Complex