Peasantry and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat (Part 2: War and Peace)

A 1928 Propaganda Map depicting Bolshevik gains in the Civil War
Wikipedia’s Depiction of the Early Civil War

I want to ask you to explain to us, the dark people, the peasants, who is responsible for the pogroms? You think that this is done by hooligans and vagrants and drunk ragamuffins, but you are a little mistaken. This is not vagrants and ragamuffins, but people drunk from hunger.

The cisterns and casks were ablaze and the mob, regardless of the flames, ladled out the spirit, drank it and got drunk. Men, women and children, even old women, all wanted to have their share of the fete… They climbed on the cisterns, and pressing their breasts to it — drank. Some fell into the burning alcohol: human fat floated on the surface, but they continued to drink.

“Interrogation in the Committee of the Poor “ — I. A. Vladimirov .
The White Army Flees Crimea
Tambov Rebel Forces, 1920

“we need to say to the entire peasantry, to all its different strata: enrich yourselves, accumulate, develop your farms.” — Bukharin, 1925.

A market of NEPmen in the 1920s



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