Peasantry and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat (Part 1: Alliance)

Boris Mikhalovich’s ‘The Bolshevik’ (1920)

The idea of the Tsar still enjoys some considerable prestige in the mind of the peasant. But it is not the actual Tsar Nicholas whom he adores, it is rather an abstract idea, a myth, a kind of Providence, an Avenger of evils, an embodiment of justice in the popular imagination.

Sick Husband by Vassily Maximov — a peasant woman prays to the Icon Corner in her small hut
A Fight With Pugachev’s Troops — N. Karazin. Pugachev’s Rebellion was a major peasant uprising in the 18th century, which revealed both the potential and limitations of the revolutionary peasantry.

…the hopeless poverty, ignorance, lack of rights, and degradation, from which the peasants suffer, lay an imprint of Asiatic backwardness upon the entire social system of our country. Social-Democracy would not be doing its duty if it did not render every assistance to this struggle. This assistance should take the form, briefly put, of carrying the class struggle into the countryside.

Revolutionaries in February burn symbols of the monarchy
The Skhod — a meeting of the village elders



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