“The liberated Russian nation will… run for the tavern to drink liquor, smash glasses, and hang the nobility, whose only guilt is to shave their beards and wear a frock-coat instead of a peasant tunic” — Vissarion Belinsky

A 1928 Propaganda Map depicting Bolshevik gains in the Civil War

Look at any typical map of the Russian Civil and the story seems relatively simple. No matter the detail or the number of players involved (and they are innumerable), there remains a small red core centred around Moscow and Petrograd which fends off a litany of forces, slowly turns the tides and expands outwards across Eurasia. …

“For almost two hundred years, [the Russian peasants’] whole life has been one long, dumb, passive opposition to the existing order of things: he has endured Oppression, he has groaned under it: but he has never accepted anything that goes on outside the life of the rural commune.” — Alexander Herzen

Boris Mikhalovich’s ‘The Bolshevik’ (1920)

The Russian Revolution of October 1917 was the world’s first Marxist revolution. Informed by Marx’s ideas and methods, the Bolsheviks directed the surging workers and soldiers not just in toppling the flailing Provisional Government, but in installing a revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat. According to Marxist theory, the dictatorship…

This is a rant of mine from a few years ago, that I’ve edited slightly to be more suitable for Medium.

Following Russia’s interference in the 2016 United States’ Presidential election, a flurry of articles emerged, claiming to reveal the truth about Russia’s strategic intentions. Not only is this truth more diabolical than you could ever have imagined, it has been laid out in the open for decades for all to see! The mastermind behind this strategy is the mysterious and esoteric Aleksandr Dugin, and the whole plan is clearly articulated in his magnum opus Foundations of Geopolitics.


This is part of an old essay I wrote, spruiked up slightly for Medium.

The Propaganda Model

Developed by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman in the 1980s, the Propaganda Model is a conceptual model to explain how propaganda and systemic biases function in corporate mass media. In short, it posits that raw information is processed through five filters before being transmitted as news.

Censorship, Liberation and Control

Even as early as 1926, the sexual politics of Russia and Russians have been of interest to international audiences. The revolutionary fervour of the 1920s that led to the Bolshevik attempts to abolish the family, the Stalinist censorship of sexual discussion, and the sexual revolution of the 1990s all colour and shape our perceptions of Russia as a nation, and therefore how we believe it will act as a nation internationally. Similarly, Russia itself can mobilise different sexual politics for international effect. The “new sex relations” are also new sexual international relations; the sexual is not only political, but geopolitical.

“We have no sex and we are very much against it”

1986 Leningrad-Boston Video Link

The Kazakh famine is known by variety of different names, including aqtaban shŭbïrïndï (The Barefooted Flight), ŭlï asharshïlïq (The Great Famine), velikii dzhut (The Great Zhŭt), “Goloshchekin’s genocide,” and “Kazakhstan’s Holodomor.”

Although the name is contested, there is growing historical consensus that from 1930 to 1933 an estimated 1,500,000 people starved to death in Kazakhstan. A quarter of the population of Kazakhstan. Of these 1,300,000 were ethnic Kazakhs. Approximately one in three of all Kazakhs starved to death. An additional 1,100,000 people fled the Kazakh republic, many to China, so in 1934 half of Kazakhs had disappeared from the region…

A slight change of pace, I just want to write a quick post on United States’ history, spurred on by this article, but fuelled by an all too common refrain.

The Electoral College

“The Electoral College, designed to protect America from the election of a self-interested demagogue as its leader”

I’m sure we’ve all heard some reiteration of this point. The problem is, this isn’t what the electoral college was “designed” to do.

The United States was born out of compromise. There was no homogeneous “founding fathers” who got to write their ideal constitution.

Well, compromise after this part.

James Madison argued for an executive chosen by the…

Marchenko Nina — Mother of the Year 33

One of my previous posts received a comment criticising me for a “glaring point of dishonesty” for “ implicity [sic] insinuat[ing] that the Soviet Union and its socialist economic system actively CAUSED the famines of ’21 ’32 and ’46.” It notes the “overwhelming scholarly consensus that the famine of 32 was NOT any kind of intentional genocide of the Ukrainian people” and that the idea that it was “is a preposterous idea on the face of it.” It supports this with a link to Fraud, Famine and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard by Douglas Tottle.


An article makes the rounds on the internet every few years purporting that the United States has killed more than 20 million people since WW2, across 37 nations. The first nation listed is Afghanistan, which is my sole focus today. and the United States is listed as culpable for 1–1.8 million deaths.

The article attributes 1–1.8 million deaths in Afghanistan to the United States, including all deaths associated with the Soviet-Afghan War which the article holds the United States responsible for. The article establishes American culpability through based on a 1998 interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, influential national security adviser to…

In some internet discussion recently, I’ve seen people link to this Reddit post as evidence that the Soviet Union had no ill intentions in Ukraine. The post is a translation of a decree from the Central Committee of the All-Russian Communist Party.

Mikhail Bearkunin

I like history and thinking about freedom. I have a background in International Relations, Strategic Studies and I work for the Military Industrial Complex

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